Freedom City - New Freedom League Ascendent

Rushin' Vampires


Speed Demon is busy. He spends a whole 4 minutes in the lab whipping put a high-tech set of goggles. Then he speculates on how to provide the world with free electricity using his super-speed powers, and talks to Antonio Cruz about his company, The Rhodes Foundation, sponsoring the project. Cruz suggests that Speed Demon and the rest of the Freedom League attend a charity fundraising ball to schmooz and gather more support.

But plans are postponed when Inspector St. Claire calls them up to tell them about a murder scene down at The Cleopatra casino. En route to the scene, Speed Demon tries out his goggles and notices a strange person clinging to the back of Deathstroke’s sky-bike. The figure appears to ignore, Speed Demon, and after he gives the goggles to Deathstroke to show him the figure, Deathstroke tries to dislodge the figure and almost crashes the bike before the goggles fly off his face.

But it’s back to business when the Freedom League reaches The Cleopatra. St. Claire points out the victim is Louie DePalma one of Johnny Oliverti’s men. She would have left things to homicide to figure out, but DePalma and his lady friends have all been drained of blood and display prominent tooth-marks on their necks. Vampires?

Deathstroke is right on the case, and heads straight to Oliverti (who is comforting the widow DePalma) and offers his services getting to the bottom of the case. Johnny’s sure his man was killed by agents of Natasha Gorokhov, a russian gang-lord who’s been moving in on his turf. Deathstroke wants Oliverti to hire him, but he’s uncomfortable discussing business with the other Freedom League members arround.

A visit to Natasha’s “Jewel of Moscow Importers”, finds that Natasha is not in the office. Her assistant, Anatoly agrees how horrible the murders are (he sent flowers) and offers to set up a meeting that evening. Before they can leave , the office is attacked by Kid Karma, Monsieur Mallah and a street gang armed with automatic weapons.

Neither Kid Karma nor Monsieur Mallah know who hired them, saying their contact and employer take efforts to keep anonymity.

Speed Demon suggest that the mysterious invisible stranger should spy on the office to make sure the heroes aren’t walking in to a trap that night. The cold disappears and they assume he has left to follow the plan.

Nothing much happened through the rest of the day, but after dark, a woman in a white fur coat and two other men enter the offices, now mostly empty.

The Freedom League arrive, and start to talk to Natasha who offers them a drink, before pouring herself some red wine. The conference room is again, very cold. So cold that everyone’s breath hangs in the air. Everyone’s but Natasha’s! She refuses to confirm or deny if she’s a vampire, but denies killing Louie DePalma and gets agitated at the accusations.

When she gets a phone-call letting her know an alarm has gone off in her basement (set off by the invisible stranger). She says she has to demand that everyone leave as something has come up. Deathstroke will have none of this and attacks.

Natasha is quickly severely injured and attempts to escape by turning to mist, but Speed Demon thinks quickly runs in circles to form a cyclone and vacuum her up, run her back to Freedom Hall and deposit her in a containment unit.

While the invisible stranger follows one Vampire home, Deathstroke searches the office for incriminating information, stripping hard drives out of all the computers he can find, so he can turn them over to his contacts with Labrys Industries (and the police, of course). He suggests burning the offices and warehouse to the ground, but is talked down from it, given unnecessary danger to firefighters and other nearby buildings.

The stranger follows the vampire across town, to North Bay, home of many of Freedom City’s wealthiest citizens. In a secluded oceanfront mansion, the vampire, Sergei, addresses his master by a familiar name, then reports on the killings at the Casino and the resulting carnage at the Jewel of Moscow. The master expresses displeasure at Sergei’s sloppiness and lack of control, and rips his head off for complicating his plans.

In the morning, a book has been left in front of the doors to Freedom Hall, Dracula!. It slowly begins to levitate and lead toward North Bay…

Will the Freedom League face off against the legendary vampire? Tune in next month!



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