Natasha Gorokhov

Vampire Mafiya-lord


Natasha was the girlfriend of a Russian gang-lord named Leo Petrovich. When Leo was killed by Johnny Oliverti’s men, Natasha took over his businesses and continued to expand them. After solidifying her control (centered around Jewel of Moscow Importing), she started pushing in to Oliverti’s territory.

A few weeks ago, she and two of her men encountered Dracula and was turned to a vampire. Of these vampires later attacked and killed one of Oliverti’s top men, leaving obvious evidence of a vampire attack.

This led the Freedom League to her doorstep and caused her capture. She is currently an honored guest at Blackstone Federal Penitentiary

The whereabouts of her associates, Valentin and Sergei are unknown. (The invisible mute entity that is hanging out around the Freedom League does know the fate of Sergei)


Natasha Gorokhov

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