Freedom City - New Freedom League Ascendent

Atlantis On My Mind
Retaking Atlantis

After the Freedom League stepped through the portal down from The Lighthouse, they were shocked to notice that Vortex had not come through with him. They made attempts to contact him, but did not have long to dwell as they were contacted by Dr. Atom who told them that the Princess Thetis had escaped from The Goodman Building building with the help of the other Next-Gen members.

Thetis had snuck downtown to the docks, where she intended to steal a boat and head for Atlantis. She was accosted by a group of shady fellows in the alley who wish to arrest her in the name of Atlantis. She barked at them angrily and ordered them to surrender to HER, but they ignored her demands and a fight broke out. Strangely she found herself aided by a dumpster landing on some of the thugs, and later she was ripped clear from a web grenade and thrown up to a building. Her assailants, sensing strange work afoot, fled.

Speed Demon quickly scoured downtown and found her climbing down a fire-escape. He promised to take her to Atlantis to retake her country if she just didn’t try to do it alone. Meeting up with the rest of the Freedom League, she explained that Atlantis was a thousand miles off shore and hundreds of feet below the water. She could get there with a boat, but to take the Freedom League, she would require a submarine. Deathstroke retired to his “country villa” and shortly returned with promise that his contacts with Labrys Industries have promised to provide a sub, if Thetis will repay them with magical artifacts. Thinking it wise not to take the Crown Of Triton directly to Poseidon, the Freedom League decided to leave it in the care of Eldrich, who hid it on an alternate plane.

A small high-tech sub arrived a few days later, crewed by two men. The sub sailed down to Atlantis and was greeted by a group of Atlantean soldiers, who wanted to know who they were. Princess Thetis announced herself to blank stares. She was ready to walk to the Palace herself, ignoring protest from the guard, when a strange caped man with a horned skull-mask arrived and said the King wished to see the newcomers.

At the place, again the Princess burst forward to give orders, but King Poseidon, a large man with green hair, laughed at her, told that nobody remembered who she was and her father was dead leaving Him as King of Atlantis. Deathstroke and Speed Demon both felt something invading their brain, trying to command them, and Deathstroke decided Diplomacy had failed and a fight began. Early on, Thetis was stabbed in the gut by a guard and collapsed. Atlantis’s super heroes (Leviathan, Myst and Galtheon) shuddered at the sight, but jumped to Poseidon’s aid. Myst shielding Posiedon with a wall of myst while Leviathan, Galtheon and Black Smoker attacked the League. Meanwhile the lights went out, Candelabras crashed accross the room and parts of the throne room chilled uncomfortably.

Finally, Raptor snuck up behind the King and stabbed him seriously, leaving him leaning against the wall of mist. Black smoker attempted to surround him with a wall of stone, but Speed Demon and Raptor just ran over the wall to finish him off. As Poseidon fell, Galtheon and Myst recovered their senses, while the skull-mask guards continued the fight, and Black Smoker took the opportunity to flee.

As Galtheon took the Princess and Speed Demon to the hospital, Deathstroke executed the King and two of the guards, before interrogating the final guard, and Deathstroke found himself nearly constantly followed by bitter chill.

A month later, at the Coronation of Queen Thetis, the new Queen honored the Freedom League by dubbing Sir Speed Demon, Sir Deathstroke and Dame Raptor of Atlantis. (Though as she tried to announce Sir Deathstroke, the lights kept turning themselves off interuppting her).

As a final scene, back in Freedom City, Deathstroke got word that there had been a break-in at his office, which his associate Wintergreen had thought best not to notify the police about. In Deathstroke’s office, a winged razor-boomerang was embedded in his desk. Deathstroke immediately recognized the signature weapon of his old foe, Nightwing. He told Wintergreen that he was right, the Police didn’t need to be involved, and pondered what young Grayson was up to. Nightwing’s boomerang ripped itself out of the desk and embedded itself in a picture of Deathstroke’s army days on the wall.

The Two Lighthouses
Atlantis on my Mind - Part 2

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The Freedom League followed a GPS device taken off an Atlantean soldier down the coast to a lighthouse. The lighthouse was surrounded by a forcefield but Vortex easily teleported the heroes through. When the inhabitants were alerted they came out to fight the Freedom League. Agenor, an Atlantean swordsman, Deimos a warrior using an antigrav belt and a gauss rifle, Polymdus, a sonic controller, twin martial artists Cassepia & Valeria and a small horde of snake-like robots. It was only when Deimos was killed and reverted to his Deep One form that Agenor, regained his senses, breaking free of his mind control. He surrendered immediately and volunteered all the information he could.

A man named Poseidon had come to Atlantis while King Theseus was away. Poseidon declared that Theseus had been killed and he was the rightful heir. Strangely nearly everyone accepted the validity of this claim, even Agenor, the captain of the King’s Royal Guard.

Poseidon has sent forces to Freedom primarily to recover the Crown Of Triton, hidden somewhere with the Freedom League.

Hidden within the lighthouse was a prisoner, Doctor Roger Pierce, America’s premier authority on Atlantis and a professor at Freedom City University. He explains that Deimos had been interrogating him, trying to determine where the Freedom League would have hidden the crown. Dr. Pierce explains that he did not tell Deimos, but he has always believed the most likely place for the crown to be hidden was on The Lighthouse, the Freedom League’s orbital base.

Determined to recover the Crown for themselves, the Freedom League used one of the Pegasus Space Planes to the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse recognized them as Freedom League members, but warned them they did not have access rights to leave the public areas. Some arguing with the computers overrided this and the heroes found where the Crown was hidden, linked directly into the Lighthouse’s defensive systems.

In order to remove the crown, the defensive systems would need to be disabled and would not be able to be reactivated for 30 minutes.

Of course, while the defensive systems were down, launches were detected in the Atlantic, headed for the Lighthouse. The Freedom League decide to send the Pegasus off on auto-pilot as a distraction and use Vortex to teleport to the surface with the crown. Once they were gone, the Lighthouse deactivated life support systems to help fight the attackers.

Aquarium Assault
Atlantis on my Mind - Part 1


The new Freedom League members are settling in at Freedom Hall, when they are visited by Special Inspector Jane St. Claire, the Freedom League’s liaison with the Freedom City Police Department. She is upset that they have not yet contacted her or given the rundown on what happened to the rest of the League and how they gained membership.


But before she can chew the heroes out too much, news arrives that there’s been an attack on the Freedom City Aquarium by strange soldiers in greek styled armor and some sort of amphibious tank. The Freedom League defeats these attackers, but not before they release a giant octopus and a whale from the aquarium. The attackers loudly proclaim that they were sent to try to reclaim the Kingdom of Freedom back for its rightful ruler, King Poseidon of Atlantis. They claim Atlantis’s previous king Theseus once ruled here until he lost his throne. Deathstroke sent one of the soldiers back with a threatening message that the Freedom League would not stand for any more attacks by Atlantis.

Puzzled by this attack, the heroes decided to talk to their friend Doctor Atom about Atlantis. This lead to the realization that there was an Atlantean student at the Claremont Academy, a private school in the Bayview neighborhood. Predictably, the heroes soon learned that there was another attack by the Atlanteans, this time at Claremont Academy.

Rushing to Claremont, the heroes met Headmaster Summers and some of his students, a group of super-powered teens known as the Next-Gen. Mr. Summers was trying to convince one student, Princess Thetis of Atlantis, to let them evacuate her to safety, but she was stubbornly insisting on staying with her team. Before anything more could be done, the Atlantean attacks burst into the office. A clever attempt by Vortex to teleport Thetis to Eldrich’s house failed when an attacker followed her, and she stubborn burst back through the portal again.

But soon all the attackers had been defeated. They further clarified their plans to kidnap Thetis who they believed to be an imposter pretended to the throne, and recover the Crown of Triton, an Atlantean artifact King Theseus (aka Sea King) left in the Freedom League’s care. They also insisted Theseus was dead, which further angered Thetis.

The Freedom League decided to leave Thetis and the rest of the Next-Gen (most of who were injured or inexperienced) with Doctor Atom and Eldrich while they followed a GPS signal to the source of the attack.

Freedom League Rescue


Second session was March 31,2012 roboknight.jpeg

With the help of Adrian Eldrich, the heroes are of on an interstellar trip to track down the missing Freedom League, meeting The Star Knights and tracking the League to a small planet where they were helping defend a planet from invasion of The Grue Unity. The shapeshifting aliens had temporarily stripped the league of their powers and only with the help of our heroes could the League succeed at defeating them and their Koorn allies’ robotic war machines

Impressed by the their heroic acts, Captain Thunder appointed them members of the Freedom League, and asked them to defend Earth while the rest of the League fought against an increased Grue offensive.

Still Storming Freedom Hall
Freedom League Attacks Part 3

The heroes defeat Johnny Rocket, Captain Thunder, Grey Matter (isn’t he already dead?), Ninjette, Raven and Daedalus.


They also confronted the alien leader who has made bio-robots of all the freedom league members he had encountered. The alien was shot by Deathstroke while trying to escape.

After the fight, a blue monkey showed up inviting the heroes to meet with Doctor Atom, grandfather of the famed Atom Family.

Storming Freedom Hall
Freedom League Attacks Part 2

We need to get in to Freedom Hall? Let’s just bust in the front door.

The Freedom League Attacks

The Freedom League has been missing from Earth for months now. This is not totally unprecedented, the Freedom League has had extended extraplanatory or extraplanar adventures before, but this has been longer than normal.

Freedom City is thus surprised when the League reappears in the city, apparently breaking in to a research facility of Wendell And Shields. Captain Thunder, Lady Liberty and Johnny Rocket have taken hostages, wounded security guards and are furiously searching the building.

While the police keep people away and wait for heavy firepower support, four new heroes appear on the scene. Deathstroke and Vortex take shots at Captain Thunder who sees uncharacteristically unconcerned about collateral damage and injuring innocent citizens. Raptor sneaks in to the building and confronts Lady Liberty who was watching the hostages. And Speed Demon faces off against rival speedster Johnny Rocket.

Raptor’s hidden strikes quickly take down Lady Liberty, despite an attempt to help by Lady Liberty. But the Freedom League sees where the battle is turning and decide to retreat. Captain Thunder flies off, and Vortex is unable to catch up to him, while Johnny Rocket runs directly back to Freedom Hall. Speed Demon is just as fast as Johnny, but does not react in time to reach the Hall before the doors close and lock.

What has happened to the Freedom League? Why are they acting so strange. What will these new heroes find inside Freedom Hall? Tune in next week!

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