Atlantis is a mysterious underwater city somewhere under the Atlantic Ocean. It’s exact location is known to only a select few on the surface world, and most are not even sure that it is in fact a real place. The former Freedom League member Sea King called himself King of Atlantis, but many believed it was just a fanciful title.

Atlantis is a domed underwater city. At ground level the forcefield holding back the waters can be walked through with intentional effort, but at higher levels the forcefield is largelt impenetrable. Special airlocks allow small subs to dock inside the city.

The city is a mix of archaic looking marble buildings and modern technology. The streets are filled with hover-cars, while evidence of a busy market fills the square.

Atlantis most recently came into the news when a group of men claiming to be Atlanteans attacked Freedom City Aquarium, declaring their intention to reclaim the Kingdom of Freedom for Atlantis’s new King Poseidon.

The Freedom League defeated King Poseidon and his followers (actually Deep Ones) and placed Thetis on the throne as Queen of Atlantis, under the presumption that Theseus is now dead.

Known Atlanteans:

  • Sea King: King Theseus of Atlantis. Once a member of the Freedom League, retired from the League to focus on ruling his kingdom. Missing. resumed dead.
  • Nereid: Queen Thetis of Atlantis. Theseus’s daughter and former member of Next-Gen. Took the throne after the usurper Poseidon was defeated.
  • Agenor. Chief of King Theseus’s royal guard. Was involved in the attack of Freedom City, but appears to have been brainwashed while doing so. He was captured and detained by the Freedom League while they decide what to do with him.
  • The Ultra Guard: Leviathan, Galtheon and Myst. Atlantis’s Superpowered defenders. Fell under Poseidon’s control, but recovered after his defeat.


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