The Atom Family Legacy

Dr. Atom and Anne Atom

Dr. Alexander Atom was a brilliant scientist, inventer and adventurer in the 30’s and during WWII. Having lost dear friends in the war, he became a recluse throwing himself deep into his work, ignoring everyone but his assistant, Anne Banks. It was with great effort that Anne got Alex to overcome his grief, marry her, and return to an interest in the wonders of the world. Alex and Anne explored the world together uncovering many strange and hidden secrets. Dr. Atom also often worked with the early Freedom League, providing scientific and technical support when they needed it.

Andrea Atom, Jack Wolf and Mentac

After their daughter, Andrea was born Alex and Anne continued to explore the world, eventually taking in the orphaned son of a friend, Jack Wolf and treating him as a son. Jack and Andrea became very close, but then Andrea became attracted to Mentac a young psychic who the family had met. Mentac soon revealed that he was the exiled prince of a city on the moon.

As Mentac and Andrea grew closer, Jack Wolf drifted away and left when Andrea and Mentac married.

Mentac and Andrea had four children and were read to settle down with their budding family, but Omega Lord of the Terminus attacked Freedom City. Mentac and Andrea were lost in the Terminus, believed dead, attempting to close the portal to the Terminus. The four children were left in the care of their grandfather.

Max, Tess, Vickie and Chase Atom

Dr. Atom did his best to raise his grandchildren, but eventually succumbed to cancer and asked Jack Wolf to come help take care of the children. Before he died, he managed to load his brain patterns in to an advanced AI, and designed an android to perform necessary physical tasks for the children.

As Max, Tess, Vickie and Chase grew older, they developed superhuman powers, possibly due to their father’s lunar ancestry, or due to the influence of the Terminus. But they inherited the adventurous streak from their parents and set off exploring the world, and solar system and other dimensions.

The Atom Family Legacy

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