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The Story So Far


Captain Thunder, Daedalus and the rest of the Freedom League have headed off-planet to deal with a Grue threat. When imposter Freedom Leaguers came to Freedom City as the vanguard of another invasion, four new heroes stepped up to defend the City and took up the mantle of the Freedom League.

Speed Demon
Vortex – Vortex opened a portal to transport the League down from The Lighthouse and was lost in the void

After Vortex’s disappearance strange occurrences have followed the League around. Objects move by themselves and fly across the room. Lights turn off, things become inexplicably cold. The team was first confused until Speed Demon discovered they were being followed by an invisible man who refused to talk to them, but has communicated a willingness to help.

After that, take a look at the wiki. There may or may not be anything there.

More information is available offsite
Including, Green Ronin’s pregen hero team The Sentinels , or a variety of villains and miscreants from the campaign or The Champions from the 4th edition Champions rulebook.

Some games have been run over on roll20.net

A modified damage chart also showing Damage DC, since Herolab displays damage as just DC, not the damage rank. Along with another version of much of this information

Freedom City - New Freedom League Ascendent