Freedom City - New Freedom League Ascendent

In the Shadow of the Tree

Antonio Cruz remained in the clutches of SHADOW and the leader of the local cell, the Umbral Knight. The Freedom League had uncovered his plans to destroy a spell hiding the Scarab’s secret lair. Two focuses for the spell remained, a circle of hieroglyphs are a tree in a clearing, and a ring of stones underneath the bay.

While they waited for SHADOW to strike, the Freedom League protected the tree while the forces of Atlantis protected the circle in the bay.

While the League was finishing its preparations, Umbral Knight appeared with another announcement. Standing before Pyramid Plaza, he spoke proudly of his plans to punish Antonio Cruz for his crimes, the next day at noon. Look toward center city!

The League took the Knight’s stance in front of Pyramid Plaza to mean he intended to stage his show there, so Raptor and Deathstroke remained there while Speed Demon ran between the tree and Pyramid Plaza. Unbeknownst to him, the mysterious stranger hung on to him for a ride.

But Umbral Knight was too smart for the Freedom League, his appearance before the plaza was a ruse and he pulled off his show at the city library. Bonfires of books on display, with one pile of books, circled in fire with Antonio Cruz lying bound on top.

But Umbral Knight never got to the planned climax of his show, as Cruz miraculously floated off the books then Speed Demon dashed him back to Freedom Hall.

Was it just a distraction, though? As at that moment a group of SHADOW agents, armed with flamethrowers entered the clearing with the tree. Speed Demon rushed Raptor to the scene and she quickly dispatched two of the agents, but got past her and set the tree on fire.

Speed Demon rushed around the tree to suck out the air and extinguish the fire. But the agents weren’t finished yet. Someone had placed a bomb on the side of the free, while a gunshot game out of the edge of the clearing.

Speed Demon was shot several times as he rushed Deathstroke to the clearing as well. Deathstroke grappled with the assassin and Speed Demon and Raptor attempted to hold off the agents who repeatedly struck at the tree.

Cynthia, the Freedom League’s android receptionist warned that someone was breaking in to Freedom Hall.

Before Deathstroke could subdue the assassin, she was teleported away. The SHADOW agents succeeded in seriously damaged the tree and Speed Demon rushed Raptor to Freedom Hall to find Umbral Knight and his minions waiting at the elevator.

Raptor dispatched the teleporting agent, remove SHADOW’s escape route. Umbral Knight took a swing at Speed Demon and Raptor, knocking out an already wounded Speed Demon but barely touching Raptor, who responded by stabbing the Knight Unconscious.

Umbral Knight’s last minion dragged him in to an elevator, but when it should have gone down, something dragged it to the top floor before letting it go. The Knight and his minoin were found unconscious in the wreckage of the elevator on the bottom floor.

Raptor removed the SHADOW leader’s dishcloth mask to reveal… Friederich Jung, the newly appointed CEO of the Rhodes Foundation (replacing Cruz). Jung would not speak much, but confirmed that the only one who knew his plans was The Contessa, but she has disappeared, breaking communication until things blow over. Jung had needed to bleed the Blood of the Scarab with the dagger of Soptis to open the tomb. Cruz explained that the Rhodes Foundation founder, Alexander Rhodes, was the Scarab. The Blood of the Scarab must be some of his family and Jung incorrectly believed the Cruz must have been his son.

With SHADOW defeated, the league called on Adrian Eldrich to help wrap things up. The spell obfuscation destroyed, Eldrich was able to find the hidden lair under Pyramid Plaza. The actual door was still closed, though and indeed demanded the Blood of the Scarab. It also warned that beyond the doors was imprisoned the Avatar of Set.

Eldrich scanned the city and found a descendent of Rhodes. The blood of Dick Grayson might be related to Alexander’s brother David. It was decided that the best thing to do was restore magical protections around the lair in case anyone else learned the significant of Nightwing.

As the League settled back in at Freedom Hall, a pile of books and magazines appeared. Murder, Assassination, Death… fell to the floor followed by the Contessa’s mask. Then clipping stressing the words I, Me…

Speed Demon interpreted the message from the mysterious stranger.
The Contessa killed me!

SHADOW in the Dark


After SHADOW’s attack on the charity ball, the Freedom League followed a floating helmet to a deserted strip mall, where there appeared to be unexplained activity inside an old K-mart.

Behind the store, two trucks had pulled up to the loading docks and workers in simple brown jumpsuits were loading crates in to the trucks, while guards in SHADOW uniforms watched over them.

It was an easy task for Speed Demon to move the workers safely out of the area, while Deathstroke shot the guards. Then the infiltration could begin.
One of the crates (emblazoned with SHADOW’s lightning emblem) fell to the ground and burst open revealing a supply of SHADOW blasters.

The loading dock led in to the back of the store warehouse, with a hallway off to offices. Deathstroke and Raptor encountered resistance there while Speed Demon rushed in to search the offices. Finding two guards standing in an upstairs room with what looked like a pair of locked closets. Mysteriously, someone turned out all the lights.

Speed-Demon, wearing the mask the mysterious ghost had stolen from the SHADOW leader and used to lead the league to this location, was able to see with the mask’s IR vision, and easily defeated the disadvantaged guards. He discovered hidden in the closets, two of the three captives,Commissioner Kane and Lucius Cabot.

Out on the main floor of the k-mart, the SHADOW agents found flashlights and began trying to get a look in to the warehouse area. Along with the agents hidden there, were a large robot suit and an armored man with electrical whips. Deathstroke got an easy shot in on the man with the whip, while Raptor snuck out to approach the robot.


Something seemed to be malfunctioning in the robot, as it kept jerking eratically. It did manage to get a good laser shot in on Raptor, burning her painfully, but she back into the shadows and the robot started to bash through the wall.

Finally Deathstroke and Speed Demon downed the whip-wielder and Raptor knocked the Robot down. Unable to get back up, the robot self-destructed.


The league tracked down a few additional fleeing agents, and examined the offices. They found a dug-out hole in the store’s floor where there was a ring of stones with Egyptian symbols on it. One of the stones was broken. They also found a map of Freedom City, with points forming a perfect regular pentagon marked out on the map. One of the points corresponded with the K-mart’s location, while strings on the map pointed out that the pentagon was centered on Pyramid Plaza.

The other points were quickly examined by Speed Demon. Another pit was dug up in a residential back yard, with a broken ring of stones in it. A tree in a clearing in a park with Hieroglyphs carved around it, a floating platform in the middle of the bay, and an office building. The league entered the building and went down to the basement where they dug up another ring of stones, but examining it let out a burst of energy.

They decided to call on Adrian Eldrich for advice before causing any more damage. Eldrich described the symbols as being a spell of protection and obfuscation, probably protecting the Scarab’s secret lair, long rumored to be somewhere in Freedom City.

Eldrich also was able to sense the presence of the mysterious invisible man who had been following the Freedom League around, and after focusing his magic was able to see and speak with him. The mysterious man is a ghost who cannot take physical of visible form, and is struck with amnesia, unable to remember his name or who killed him. Eldrich promised to find a way to learn more about his history.

The league decided it was important to defend the last two pieces of the spell, the tree in the clearing and the underwater symbol. They enlisted Atlantean forces to defend the underwater stone, while they guarded the tree.

Meanwhile, Inspector St. Claire called the league to let them know about a video SHADOW had delivered to the police, and posted on youtube. A SHADOW commander, Umbral Knight, identified himself as behind the attack at Pyramid Plaza, taunted the league for hanging out with the rich and powerful while accusing Antonio Cruz of Embezzlement, insider trading, running sweatshops and working with a known vampire. He also asked for ransoms for Commissioner Kane and Lucius Cabot. The video was clearly taken before the League rescued the two.

Cruz was still, apparently, under Umbral Knight’s control, and Umbral Knight promised to publicly give Cruz the punishment he deserved.

Finally the SHADOW commander showed video of Deathstroke dropping SHADOW agents off the top of Pyramid Plaza, musing on whether the League were worthy protectors of freedom.

Inspector St. Claire pointed out she would have to conduct an investigation into the behavior, to determine whether legal action against Deathstroke was necessarily. She was clearly disgusted with Deathstroke, but the rest of the force was thankful for the League’s rescue of the commissioner, and Deathstroke seemed confident that his actions could be legally defended.

What does Umbral Knight have in store for Cruz? Will the League and their Atlantean allies be able to defend the remaining focuses? Where is the Scarab’s secret lair? And what wonders does it hide?

The Annual Rhodes Charity Ball


It was a star-studded Friday Night on the 90th Floor of Pyramid Plaza 1. Antonio Cruz and the Rhodes Foundation threw their annual Rhodes Charity Ball, with their special guests Deathstroke and Speed Demon of the Freedom League. Also in attendance were all the wealthiest Freedom City had to offer, Fletcher Beaumont II, Duncan Summers, Mark LeRoche (along with his wife and his daughter, and FCPD’s Commissioner Barbara Kane.

The league worked the room, meeting and greeting. As Speed Demon was meeting with a man named Dr. Charles Lincoln who the league had saved from duplicates of the old Freedom League. Lincoln was excited about showing off his new breakthroughs in cybernetics, but was interrupted when the windows crash open to reveal an attack helicopter just outside.

Following the broken glass, a group of SHADOW agents swung down on ropes to enter the room. Along with Shadow came a group of super-mercenaries and criminals. Coda, armed with a sonic rifle, Anvil the metal-skinned hothead, who bowled through the crowd to swipe at Speed Demon and two Battle Brothers a pair of ex-con thugs with powered bracers. Coda was immediately shot out the open window by Deatstroke.

Speed Demon immediately grabbed some of the guests and attempted to run them out of the building only to find the doors to the ballroom locked shut, a violation of policy and fire-code. Luckily Mr. Summers was available to break the looks with a swipe from his cane and the guests were rushed to safety as Speed Demon batted rockets back at the helicopter.

The helicopter quickly went totally out of control, the pilots unable to explain why lights turned on and off and the stick jerked out of their hands and would not return to center position. Finally they turned the helicopter around and fled.

A strange figure dressed in shadow colors with a strange backpack started appearing among the crowd, grabbing people and disappearing again. Cruz, Commissioner Kane and a lawyer named Lucious Cabot were all kidnapped before the thugs called for a retreat, “The target has been aquired.”

The battle brothers lept out the window to disappear in to the night, while Anvil jumped out the window to plummet to the ground. Frustrated he was pursued by Speed Demon, who would not get close enough to hit until Anvil gave up and agreed to be arrested. Meanwhile Deathstroke and Raptor attempted to interrogate the remaining Shadow agents, ultimately leading to Deathstroke dangling people out the window and dropping them

The silent invisible figure helping the Freedom League followed the helicopter till it set down outside of town, then followed the pilots to an abandoned strip mall with an old K-mart. Inside the K-mart was a functioning SHADOW training base. An officer gave the pilots a dressing down for losing the helicopter . The invisible figure went looking for the captives, finding them locked up near a room with video equipment. Then he tracked down the apparent leader of the compound, a figure in armor with a mask hiding his face. After the leader went to sleep, the hero stole the leader’s helmet, crashed out a window and used the helmet to lead the Freedom League to the base.

Assault on Vladimirescu Manor

The Freedom League followed a copy of the book, Dracula, to a somewhat rundown mansion in North Bay. A sign beside the gate read “Vladimirescu”, which Speed Demon correctly identified as a Romanian surname meaning “Son of Vladimir”

Workers were tending the lawn, cleaning up fallen leaves, but at Deathstroke’s suggestion, quickly took the rest of the day off.

Deciding to take the direct approach, the team knocked on the front door and were greeted by Felix, the butler, who recognized the Freedom League, but assured them his master was unavailable and was reluctant to invite them in. He was convinced to invite them in anyway, and was quickly ushered out of the mansion.

The upper floors of the house seemed mostly empty, so it was straight to the basement which contained two doors, one a simple wooden door, and the other a large barred metal door, with a sliding window at eye-level. Beyond the door, in a brightly licked room lay a near-unconscious Nightwing, who insisted, “Don’t. Get out!”

Deathstroke contacted Doctor Atom to start planning a way to treat or cure a vampiric Nightwing, while Raptor, assuming there was a vampire behind the wooden door, started ripping apart the house to let sunlight shine into the basement.

Down in the basement they found a woman in black and red spandex, sitting on a coffin beside two women in gothic dresses on daybeds, conversing with a voice from somewhere in the shadows.

The woman in red, who the voice referred to as Mindfire, conversed with her unseen partner, until they decided the Freedom League’s presence was unacceptable. Raptor was quicker on the draw, though, and used a boomerang to deftly knock out both of the women in dresses. While Speed Demon ran to find a large mirror from an upstairs room, and Deathstroke did what Deathstroke does best, filled the room with lead.

Speed Demon used his mirror to redirect sunlight and shine a spotlight around the shadowed parts of the basement, to reveal a man hidden impossibly well in the shadows. He had pale skin and wore a black suit with a red vest and carried a wooden cane. He flinched from the light, and disappeared into the shadows, this time not to be found by Speed Demon’s mirror.

“Mindfire” was not going to stick around amid the bullets and boomerangs. What looked like a fiery explosion burst at ground level. Deathstroke and Raptor managed to hold their feet, but Speed Demon was thrown across the street, smashing his mirror, and the woman flew up through the floor to the upper levels.

The action moved to bedroom on the top floor, where Raptor wrestled with Mindfire, Deathstroke looked for a shot from outside, Speed Demon found a mirror from the bathroom vanity. Mindfire surrounded everyone in an outline of faerie fire, including an otherwise invisible human shape, while Dracula ducked out of the closet to attack.

The invisible man trapped Dracula in the closet, and then blow the wall open to let the sunlight in, forcing Dracula to move and giving Deathstroke the shot he was looking for, downing the vampire with a headshot.

Mindfire succumbed to Raptor’s grappling and the invisible man disappeared again. Despite an attempt by the unconscious vampire to float to safety, Deathstroke chopped off its head, reducing it to dust.

Shortly thereafter, the Atom Family arrived to help take care of Nightwing, and assured that “grandfather” would do whatever he could to cure his condition. Deathstroke provided a sample of Dracula’s ashes and some of his own blood with its regenerative capabilities to help.

A further search of the house turned up some documents about the deceased super hero, and former Freedom League member, The Scarab, as well as some articles discussing a possible connection between the Scarab and The Rhodes Foundation, an international real estate interest.

Rushin' Vampires


Speed Demon is busy. He spends a whole 4 minutes in the lab whipping put a high-tech set of goggles. Then he speculates on how to provide the world with free electricity using his super-speed powers, and talks to Antonio Cruz about his company, The Rhodes Foundation, sponsoring the project. Cruz suggests that Speed Demon and the rest of the Freedom League attend a charity fundraising ball to schmooz and gather more support.

But plans are postponed when Inspector St. Claire calls them up to tell them about a murder scene down at The Cleopatra casino. En route to the scene, Speed Demon tries out his goggles and notices a strange person clinging to the back of Deathstroke’s sky-bike. The figure appears to ignore, Speed Demon, and after he gives the goggles to Deathstroke to show him the figure, Deathstroke tries to dislodge the figure and almost crashes the bike before the goggles fly off his face.

But it’s back to business when the Freedom League reaches The Cleopatra. St. Claire points out the victim is Louie DePalma one of Johnny Oliverti’s men. She would have left things to homicide to figure out, but DePalma and his lady friends have all been drained of blood and display prominent tooth-marks on their necks. Vampires?

Deathstroke is right on the case, and heads straight to Oliverti (who is comforting the widow DePalma) and offers his services getting to the bottom of the case. Johnny’s sure his man was killed by agents of Natasha Gorokhov, a russian gang-lord who’s been moving in on his turf. Deathstroke wants Oliverti to hire him, but he’s uncomfortable discussing business with the other Freedom League members arround.

A visit to Natasha’s “Jewel of Moscow Importers”, finds that Natasha is not in the office. Her assistant, Anatoly agrees how horrible the murders are (he sent flowers) and offers to set up a meeting that evening. Before they can leave , the office is attacked by Kid Karma, Monsieur Mallah and a street gang armed with automatic weapons.

Neither Kid Karma nor Monsieur Mallah know who hired them, saying their contact and employer take efforts to keep anonymity.

Speed Demon suggest that the mysterious invisible stranger should spy on the office to make sure the heroes aren’t walking in to a trap that night. The cold disappears and they assume he has left to follow the plan.

Nothing much happened through the rest of the day, but after dark, a woman in a white fur coat and two other men enter the offices, now mostly empty.

The Freedom League arrive, and start to talk to Natasha who offers them a drink, before pouring herself some red wine. The conference room is again, very cold. So cold that everyone’s breath hangs in the air. Everyone’s but Natasha’s! She refuses to confirm or deny if she’s a vampire, but denies killing Louie DePalma and gets agitated at the accusations.

When she gets a phone-call letting her know an alarm has gone off in her basement (set off by the invisible stranger). She says she has to demand that everyone leave as something has come up. Deathstroke will have none of this and attacks.

Natasha is quickly severely injured and attempts to escape by turning to mist, but Speed Demon thinks quickly runs in circles to form a cyclone and vacuum her up, run her back to Freedom Hall and deposit her in a containment unit.

While the invisible stranger follows one Vampire home, Deathstroke searches the office for incriminating information, stripping hard drives out of all the computers he can find, so he can turn them over to his contacts with Labrys Industries (and the police, of course). He suggests burning the offices and warehouse to the ground, but is talked down from it, given unnecessary danger to firefighters and other nearby buildings.

The stranger follows the vampire across town, to North Bay, home of many of Freedom City’s wealthiest citizens. In a secluded oceanfront mansion, the vampire, Sergei, addresses his master by a familiar name, then reports on the killings at the Casino and the resulting carnage at the Jewel of Moscow. The master expresses displeasure at Sergei’s sloppiness and lack of control, and rips his head off for complicating his plans.

In the morning, a book has been left in front of the doors to Freedom Hall, Dracula!. It slowly begins to levitate and lead toward North Bay…

Will the Freedom League face off against the legendary vampire? Tune in next month!

Atlantis On My Mind
Retaking Atlantis

After the Freedom League stepped through the portal down from The Lighthouse, they were shocked to notice that Vortex had not come through with him. They made attempts to contact him, but did not have long to dwell as they were contacted by Dr. Atom who told them that the Princess Thetis had escaped from The Goodman Building building with the help of the other Next-Gen members.

Thetis had snuck downtown to the docks, where she intended to steal a boat and head for Atlantis. She was accosted by a group of shady fellows in the alley who wish to arrest her in the name of Atlantis. She barked at them angrily and ordered them to surrender to HER, but they ignored her demands and a fight broke out. Strangely she found herself aided by a dumpster landing on some of the thugs, and later she was ripped clear from a web grenade and thrown up to a building. Her assailants, sensing strange work afoot, fled.

Speed Demon quickly scoured downtown and found her climbing down a fire-escape. He promised to take her to Atlantis to retake her country if she just didn’t try to do it alone. Meeting up with the rest of the Freedom League, she explained that Atlantis was a thousand miles off shore and hundreds of feet below the water. She could get there with a boat, but to take the Freedom League, she would require a submarine. Deathstroke retired to his “country villa” and shortly returned with promise that his contacts with Labrys Industries have promised to provide a sub, if Thetis will repay them with magical artifacts. Thinking it wise not to take the Crown Of Triton directly to Poseidon, the Freedom League decided to leave it in the care of Eldrich, who hid it on an alternate plane.

A small high-tech sub arrived a few days later, crewed by two men. The sub sailed down to Atlantis and was greeted by a group of Atlantean soldiers, who wanted to know who they were. Princess Thetis announced herself to blank stares. She was ready to walk to the Palace herself, ignoring protest from the guard, when a strange caped man with a horned skull-mask arrived and said the King wished to see the newcomers.

At the place, again the Princess burst forward to give orders, but King Poseidon, a large man with green hair, laughed at her, told that nobody remembered who she was and her father was dead leaving Him as King of Atlantis. Deathstroke and Speed Demon both felt something invading their brain, trying to command them, and Deathstroke decided Diplomacy had failed and a fight began. Early on, Thetis was stabbed in the gut by a guard and collapsed. Atlantis’s super heroes (Leviathan, Myst and Galtheon) shuddered at the sight, but jumped to Poseidon’s aid. Myst shielding Posiedon with a wall of myst while Leviathan, Galtheon and Black Smoker attacked the League. Meanwhile the lights went out, Candelabras crashed accross the room and parts of the throne room chilled uncomfortably.

Finally, Raptor snuck up behind the King and stabbed him seriously, leaving him leaning against the wall of mist. Black smoker attempted to surround him with a wall of stone, but Speed Demon and Raptor just ran over the wall to finish him off. As Poseidon fell, Galtheon and Myst recovered their senses, while the skull-mask guards continued the fight, and Black Smoker took the opportunity to flee.

As Galtheon took the Princess and Speed Demon to the hospital, Deathstroke executed the King and two of the guards, before interrogating the final guard, and Deathstroke found himself nearly constantly followed by bitter chill.

A month later, at the Coronation of Queen Thetis, the new Queen honored the Freedom League by dubbing Sir Speed Demon, Sir Deathstroke and Dame Raptor of Atlantis. (Though as she tried to announce Sir Deathstroke, the lights kept turning themselves off interuppting her).

As a final scene, back in Freedom City, Deathstroke got word that there had been a break-in at his office, which his associate Wintergreen had thought best not to notify the police about. In Deathstroke’s office, a winged razor-boomerang was embedded in his desk. Deathstroke immediately recognized the signature weapon of his old foe, Nightwing. He told Wintergreen that he was right, the Police didn’t need to be involved, and pondered what young Grayson was up to. Nightwing’s boomerang ripped itself out of the desk and embedded itself in a picture of Deathstroke’s army days on the wall.

The Two Lighthouses
Atlantis on my Mind - Part 2

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The Freedom League followed a GPS device taken off an Atlantean soldier down the coast to a lighthouse. The lighthouse was surrounded by a forcefield but Vortex easily teleported the heroes through. When the inhabitants were alerted they came out to fight the Freedom League. Agenor, an Atlantean swordsman, Deimos a warrior using an antigrav belt and a gauss rifle, Polymdus, a sonic controller, twin martial artists Cassepia & Valeria and a small horde of snake-like robots. It was only when Deimos was killed and reverted to his Deep One form that Agenor, regained his senses, breaking free of his mind control. He surrendered immediately and volunteered all the information he could.

A man named Poseidon had come to Atlantis while King Theseus was away. Poseidon declared that Theseus had been killed and he was the rightful heir. Strangely nearly everyone accepted the validity of this claim, even Agenor, the captain of the King’s Royal Guard.

Poseidon has sent forces to Freedom primarily to recover the Crown Of Triton, hidden somewhere with the Freedom League.

Hidden within the lighthouse was a prisoner, Doctor Roger Pierce, America’s premier authority on Atlantis and a professor at Freedom City University. He explains that Deimos had been interrogating him, trying to determine where the Freedom League would have hidden the crown. Dr. Pierce explains that he did not tell Deimos, but he has always believed the most likely place for the crown to be hidden was on The Lighthouse, the Freedom League’s orbital base.

Determined to recover the Crown for themselves, the Freedom League used one of the Pegasus Space Planes to the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse recognized them as Freedom League members, but warned them they did not have access rights to leave the public areas. Some arguing with the computers overrided this and the heroes found where the Crown was hidden, linked directly into the Lighthouse’s defensive systems.

In order to remove the crown, the defensive systems would need to be disabled and would not be able to be reactivated for 30 minutes.

Of course, while the defensive systems were down, launches were detected in the Atlantic, headed for the Lighthouse. The Freedom League decide to send the Pegasus off on auto-pilot as a distraction and use Vortex to teleport to the surface with the crown. Once they were gone, the Lighthouse deactivated life support systems to help fight the attackers.

Aquarium Assault
Atlantis on my Mind - Part 1


The new Freedom League members are settling in at Freedom Hall, when they are visited by Special Inspector Jane St. Claire, the Freedom League’s liaison with the Freedom City Police Department. She is upset that they have not yet contacted her or given the rundown on what happened to the rest of the League and how they gained membership.


But before she can chew the heroes out too much, news arrives that there’s been an attack on the Freedom City Aquarium by strange soldiers in greek styled armor and some sort of amphibious tank. The Freedom League defeats these attackers, but not before they release a giant octopus and a whale from the aquarium. The attackers loudly proclaim that they were sent to try to reclaim the Kingdom of Freedom back for its rightful ruler, King Poseidon of Atlantis. They claim Atlantis’s previous king Theseus once ruled here until he lost his throne. Deathstroke sent one of the soldiers back with a threatening message that the Freedom League would not stand for any more attacks by Atlantis.

Puzzled by this attack, the heroes decided to talk to their friend Doctor Atom about Atlantis. This lead to the realization that there was an Atlantean student at the Claremont Academy, a private school in the Bayview neighborhood. Predictably, the heroes soon learned that there was another attack by the Atlanteans, this time at Claremont Academy.

Rushing to Claremont, the heroes met Headmaster Summers and some of his students, a group of super-powered teens known as the Next-Gen. Mr. Summers was trying to convince one student, Princess Thetis of Atlantis, to let them evacuate her to safety, but she was stubbornly insisting on staying with her team. Before anything more could be done, the Atlantean attacks burst into the office. A clever attempt by Vortex to teleport Thetis to Eldrich’s house failed when an attacker followed her, and she stubborn burst back through the portal again.

But soon all the attackers had been defeated. They further clarified their plans to kidnap Thetis who they believed to be an imposter pretended to the throne, and recover the Crown of Triton, an Atlantean artifact King Theseus (aka Sea King) left in the Freedom League’s care. They also insisted Theseus was dead, which further angered Thetis.

The Freedom League decided to leave Thetis and the rest of the Next-Gen (most of who were injured or inexperienced) with Doctor Atom and Eldrich while they followed a GPS signal to the source of the attack.

Freedom League Rescue


Second session was March 31,2012 roboknight.jpeg

With the help of Adrian Eldrich, the heroes are of on an interstellar trip to track down the missing Freedom League, meeting The Star Knights and tracking the League to a small planet where they were helping defend a planet from invasion of The Grue Unity. The shapeshifting aliens had temporarily stripped the league of their powers and only with the help of our heroes could the League succeed at defeating them and their Koorn allies’ robotic war machines

Impressed by the their heroic acts, Captain Thunder appointed them members of the Freedom League, and asked them to defend Earth while the rest of the League fought against an increased Grue offensive.

Still Storming Freedom Hall
Freedom League Attacks Part 3

The heroes defeat Johnny Rocket, Captain Thunder, Grey Matter (isn’t he already dead?), Ninjette, Raven and Daedalus.


They also confronted the alien leader who has made bio-robots of all the freedom league members he had encountered. The alien was shot by Deathstroke while trying to escape.

After the fight, a blue monkey showed up inviting the heroes to meet with Doctor Atom, grandfather of the famed Atom Family.


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