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  • The Freedom League Attacks

    !>http://calubrecht.us/mutantsAndMasterminds/FreedomLeague.png! The [[Freedom League | Freedom League]] has been missing from Earth for months now. This is not totally unprecedented, the Freedom League has had extended extraplanatory or extraplanar …

  • Storming Freedom Hall

    !>http://calubrecht.us/mutantsAndMasterminds/freedomHallExterior.png! We need to get in to Freedom Hall? Let's just bust in the front door.

  • Still Storming Freedom Hall

    The heroes defeat Johnny Rocket, Captain Thunder, Grey Matter (isn't he already dead?), Ninjette, Raven and Daedalus. [[File:235975 | class=media-item-align-right | rodanMinionWithGun.jpg]] They also confronted the [[Rodan | alien leader]] who has …

  • Rodan

    An alien race specializing in biotechnology. They attempted to infiltrate Earth with a group of bio-robotic clones [[The Freedom League Attacks | of the Freedom League]] !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/235975/rodanMinionWithGun.jpg(Rodan minion …