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Freedom City is a large city on American’s eastern seaboard, known to be the home of the Freedom League. Though official sources don’t pin down it’s location, I’ve placed it in Southern New Jersey, just South of Atlantic City.

Character List

Aliens and other races

  1. Rodan
  2. Grue
  3. Deep Ones
  4. Star Knights

Hero Teams

  1. Freedom League
    1. The Lighthouse
    2. Pegasus Space Plane
    3. Icarus 2
  2. Atom Family
  3. Next-Gen

Hero Legacies

Many of the world’s greatest heroes have passed their names and often their powers down through generations of heroes. Some of the most famous are.

  1. The Raven
  2. The Bowman
  3. Lady Liberty
  4. The Atom Family


  1. Freedom Hall
  2. The Goodman Building
  3. Atlantis
  4. Emerald City
  5. Blackstone Federal Penitentiary
  6. Pyramid Plaza
  7. Heroes’ Knoll

Other Notes

  1. Wendell And Shields
  2. Crown Of Triton
  3. Labrys Industries
  4. Rhodes Foundation

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